Roommate, Melbourne, Victoria

Roommate, Melbourne, Victoria

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This apartment is located in Travencore which is only 12 minutes from the CBD! It is a spacious apartment with three balconies, your own private bedroom and bathroom. It comes with all the electrical appliances you could need and is fully furnished apart from the second bedroom. The apartment also has a private piazza with BBQS, grass, statues and more. There is also 24/7 security that can walk with you if you feel unsafe. Pets are welcome as long as you keep them and your ar...ea clean. Rent is $230 a week (which is really good for the location) Who you will be living with: My name is Arlo, I am 19 and currently studying Psychology at RMIT. I am Transmasculine and queer. I am pretty introverted and love relaxing and watching shows like Brooklyn Nine Nine. For more info check out my Instagram @enbee.arlo (the last picture is me) My girlfriend Ange will be moving in at the start of next year and then we will all split the rent three ways which means it will be even cheaper! My ideal roommate is preferably LGBT+ or an Ally, is between 18-25 and cleans up after themselves. I?m really not fussy, as long as you are a good person that?s all that matters. If you are interested or have any questions please contact me on messenger or Instagram!

Melbourne, Victoria
$ 230 AUD

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